XED - Supports learning languages based on SRS,
Machine Learning and Community.

The 7 golden touches

As we can see from the forgetting curve, learned information fades gradually over time. Our unique “seven golden touches” approach reviews learned information at key intervals for effective education. Instead of shallow learning, this method ensures the vocabulary will be stored in your long term memory for when you need it most.

Design your own content

We understand that not everybody learns in the same way. With XED you get the opportunity to create content that’s right for you. Creating your own personalized content not only enhances your learning experience, but allows you to contribute to a growing worldwide database if you so wish.

The open content sharing platform

As access to quality education is a fundamental human right, we have created a one stop learning hub with all the content you’ll need in one convenient location. This sharing platform allows user generated content sharing between students and teachers alike. Gain access to interactive online books, former test papers and more to not only test your ability, but more importantly learn from your mistakes with explanations. Through interaction with news articles and videos directly relevant to the content you’re learning, your learning will be consolidated with real world examples, ensuring better quality learning.

Mastering with X-Journey

Whether starting from scratch or an experienced learner pushing for deeper knowledge, X-Journey caters to the needs of all. Achieve mastery of your chosen subject through our carefully designed learning stream, using only the highest quality and verified content. X-Journey ensures that instead of wasting time wondering where to turn next, you can get on with learning the specific content best suited to your needs.

The Community to share and rate

As part of the X-ed family you will have access to a vibrant and diverse community of learners and specialists all working towards the common goal of education. Why not share your expertise of your native language with other users or learn valuable insight from their generated content? Through rating and reviewing content from members all around the globe you can guarantee that your questions will be answered and your best content is recognized.

Instant Practice speaking with Native Speaker & Other Learners

Finding a language learning partner isn’t always easy, but thanks to X-ed you can learn wherever and whenever suits you. Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of your education any longer, as for only the price of a cup of coffee you can learn your desired language directly from a native speaker at your convenience. Not ready to talk to native speakers yet? No worries! Practice for free with other learners to build up your confidence, skills and make useful friends who share similar ambitions to you. Choose from a multitude of suggested topics to ensure the conversation flows smoothly and you always have something interesting to chat about.